6 weeks One to One family coaching

Over 90 minutes each week focused on you

Cheatsheets and eBooks supplied

We Create your actionable plan together!

​​From Dream to Actionable Plan in just six weeks!

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What's Included:

How To Create Your Families Plan: Let's discover what your families dream lifestyle is. ​

Discover Your True Potential: Once you are clear on what your real number is, you realize your true potential!

Schooling Your Kids: Determine the many different schooling/unschooling methods and how to positively transition.​

Working Remotely: How to create an income anywhere in the world without needing your own business/product or service.

How To Get Travel Ready: What do you really need? Discover what is in our cases?​

How To Travel Far On A Budget: Learn our top tips and pro-travel secrets.


Creatively Homeless eBook: Discover our journey and adventures...

But I Have Kids eBook: Can you really live your dream life with kids?...

3 Steps To A Happy Family Audio Book: Discover how to have happiness and harmony in your home...


My mind is officially blown away! I had a power hour with Laura and I have more certainty than ever! If you want to feel liberated (even if you think you already are), free to live the life of your dreams (even if you think you already are doing it) - speaking to Laura is a MUST! She will definitely help you to destroy and demolish ANY of your doubts and second-guessing. And by the way, I am not that kind of person who is second-guessing often! Thank you, Laura, for helping me with my wobble, I am so happy I reached out!

p.s. everyone else - yeah, thank me later for the recommendation, I know you WILL LOVE LAURA!

Olga Geidane

“I've learnt many things in life and one of the most profound was the ability to love someone unconditionally. I'm reminded of that when I watch Laura with her family. There is a bond that you can see has been nurtured over time with care and attention. In a busy world where distractions are abundant, Laura has the ability to refocus you on the things in life which really matter.”

Steve Woody

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